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Should a Startup Invest in an Explainer Video?

For startups, it can be a challenge to get seen and heard. The problem is that a lot of…

Osama Khabab
April 7, 2020
Video Marketing

An Entrepreneur Guide to Starting an Equity Crowdfunding Business

Running an equity crowdfunding business is a lot like operating a private equity firm, but on a mass scale.…

Philip Volna
February 4, 2020
Small Business

How to Raise Seed Funding Your Startup

Seed money, also known as seed funding is the early stage of startup funding series. About 29% of startups…

Alan Draper
July 1, 2019

7 Steps To Finding An Investor For Your Startup

Thousands of startups spring to life every year, but only the fittest endure for long enough to turn a…

Jay Leonard
March 20, 2019

5 Tips for Outsmarting a Cash-Flow Crisis

Entrepreneurs are natural dreamers. They see a vision and they’re crazy enough to try and build it for themselves.…

Connor Brooke
November 28, 2018
Small Business

The Nonprofit Social Toolbox is More Compelling Than Ever

Asking for money is historically a social thing. There is a certain level of familiarity and context-awareness required to…

Connor Brooke
February 12, 2018
Non-Profit Marketing

5 Quick Tips to Relaunch a Crowdfunding Campaign

In its basic form, crowdfunding is raising small amounts of money from a large number of individuals. To get…

Jay Leonard
August 18, 2017

5 Crowdfunding Trends That Are Here to Stay

In the past few years alone, crowdfunding campaigns that range from awe-inspiring to absolutely hilarious (think: the infamous potato…

Connor Brooke
March 14, 2017

The Rise & Acceptance of Crowdfunding

Over the past handful of years, crowdfunding has grown in popularity and, since the passage of the JOBS Act,…

Connor Brooke
December 22, 2016

Startup Fundraising Strategy

Almost every company goes through it, except for the fortunate few. Some people have gone through it multiple times.…

Connor Brooke
September 20, 2016

Kickstarter vs Indiegogo: How to Choose?

The deciding factors, battle to choose, between the two most popular crowdfunding platforms–Kickstarter vs Indiegogo–is not so much a…

James Spillane
July 13, 2016

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