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Social Media Recommendations During COVID-19: Why You Need to Be on Social Media During – and After – The Crisis

The coronavirus disease continues to spread around the world with no signs of slowing down. It already infected millions…

Jock Breitwieser
September 5, 2020
Social Media

PR Double Downs on Coronavirus Communications Efforts

As businesses, schools and nonprofits closed or revamped operations to limit the spread of the coronavirus, officially termed COVID-19,…

William Comcowich
April 1, 2020
Public Relations

What Types of Stories Should PR Pros Be Pitching the Media in the Wake of Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus pandemic is dominating headlines around the world, in a completely unprecedented way. It may be the biggest…

Blair Nicole Nastasi
March 30, 2020
Public Relations

How PR Can Respond to the Coronavirus Contagion

The coronavirus has infected thousands and killed hundreds in China and it continues to spread to other countries. Healthcare…

William Comcowich
February 18, 2020
Public Relations

How Brands Can Respond to Rising Risks of Boycotts

Consumers are more inclined to boycott businesses than ever. Reasons for boycotts are numerous. Boycotters might accuse companies of…

Connor Brooke
September 13, 2019
Public Relations

Must-Do Media Monitoring & Measurement Methods in a PR Crisis

Two types of plans are essential in preparing for a PR crisis: a crisis management plan and an ongoing…

Jay Leonard
May 15, 2019
Public Relations

How to Prepare for the Inevitable PR Crisis

When a public relations crisis strikes is not a question of “if.” It’s a question of “when.” Data breaches,…

Alan Draper
April 25, 2019
Public Relations

New PR Crisis Playbook Needed for Today’s Changed Media Landscape

Although long-held PR crisis management recommendations generally remain valid, they require extensive revision, many crisis communications experts argue. The…

Jay Leonard
April 26, 2018
Public Relations

How PR & Marketing Teams Can Weather Natural Disasters

Severe weather events – such as hurricanes, blizzards, floods and fires — will become more common, climate experts predict.…

Connor Brooke
March 7, 2018
Public Relations

6 Lessons from KFC’s PR Crisis Response

KFC encountered a potentially disastrous dilemma when a chicken shortage forced the restaurant chain to close more than 600…

James Spillane
March 5, 2018
Public Relations

Why Your Online Reputation Management (ORM) is Everything

The Digital Revolution explains the transformation from electronic, mechanical, and analog (technology) to digital technology. Every day people are…

James Spillane
January 11, 2018
Crisis Management

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