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Technology Is Disrupting Crime. Are You Ready?

Crime rates have been recorded for as long as most of us can remember and will typically conjure up…

Connor Brooke
April 3, 2016
Tech & Gadgets

How Dangerous Can Social Media Really Be?

We all use social media for different purposes. For many of us it is a place to share ideas…

Connor Brooke
September 28, 2015
Social Media

94 iPhones Found Taped To Smugglers Body, Chinese Officials Say

Chinese authorities say a Hong Kong man was recently caught attempting to smuggle 94 iPhones into mainland China by…

Connor Brooke
January 13, 2015
World News

Pack Of Gum Theft Lands Idaho 9-Year-Old In A Sticky Situation

The most hardened criminal in the news today is … a 9-year-old who stole a pack of gum. Over…

James Spillane
January 12, 2015
Social Buzz

Naked Burglar Arrested After Hot-Tubbing In Stranger’s Home

Photo: Keizer Police Department A naked man was arrested Sunday near Salem, Oregon after making himself a little too…

Connor Brooke
January 8, 2015
US News

Couple Spends 2 Days Believing Themselves To Be Trapped In Unlocked Closet

via Daytona Beach Police John Arwood, 31, and Amber Campbell, 25, got an embarrassing surprise after Police freed them…

Connor Brooke
January 2, 2015
US News

Decapitated Florida Woman Killed By Her Own Son

Photo via Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department A Florida man named Christian Jose Gomez, 23, was arrested Wednesday on charges…

Jay Leonard
January 1, 2015
US News

Police Brutality Recorded When Woman Refuses To Produce an ID [Video]

Excessive force and police brutality are hot topics in America right now, given the recent spate of race related…

Alan Draper
December 4, 2014
Social Buzz

New York City Subway Murder: Couple Was Pushed Onto Tracks, Police Say [Video]

A man was killed in a New York City subway early Sunday morning, according to authorities. Police say that…

Connor Brooke
November 17, 2014
US News

Stephen Collins Molestation Investigation: Statute Of Limitations Prevents Prosecution?

Stephen Collins’ molestation investigation may prove to be fruitless because of the statute of limitations surrounding the claims, according…

James Spillane
October 18, 2014

Amanda Bynes Shoplifts At Barneys; Talks To Herself

Amanda Bynes has seemingly been off of the rails ever since her parents’ conservatorship ended. It was at that…

Connor Brooke
October 8, 2014

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