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The Cost of Coronavirus: Evaluating the Key Industries in Decline Following the Pandemic

With the long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic set to live with us for years to come, an increasing number…

Daglar Cizmeci
July 2, 2020

Is Success a Big Limitation?

I once gave a commencement speech where I made a comment that took the parents and graduates completely by surprise.…

Daniel Burrus
June 29, 2020

Which Trends Can You Trust?

Mention the word “trend” in a group setting and you’ll find that most will shrug it off, the reason being…

Daniel Burrus
June 22, 2020

Tips for Adapting Your Media Plan in a Changing Environment

When an unexpected event disrupts the market, your media plan must shift to align with new consumer behaviors. The era…

Dennis Williams
June 17, 2020

Coronavirus and its Impact on Online Shopping Behavior

Change is the inevitable constant but will the impact brought about by change always stay constant? This is the question…

Kiran Patil
June 17, 2020

Is the “New Normal” We Face a Soft Trend?

There will always be certainties about the future that we simply cannot change. Some are rather obvious, such as the…

Daniel Burrus
June 15, 2020

How the Coronavirus is Impacting Ecommerce & What it Means for Retail

As cases of Coronavirus rise worldwide, all retailers - ecommerce providers included - face an uncertain future. Consumers’ behaviours in…

Nicholas Shaw
June 12, 2020

Can You Still Afford “Not to Afford” Cyber Security?

COVID-19 changes the game: Now is not the time to risk a cyber-attack. Earlier ransomware incidents that have affected organisations…

JC Gaillard
June 11, 2020

Back to the Future of Digital Marketing

Have we all had enough? Of course. Do we know when the dust will finally settle on the Covid-19 Crisis?…

Scott Hirsch
June 7, 2020
Digital Marketing

Why You Should Launch an Online Business Amid the Coronavirus Shutdown

I'm going to state the obvious: it’s a stressful time for most people around the world right now. Small businesses…

Alexandra Fasulo
May 29, 2020
Small Business

Build a Stronger Web Presence During COVID-19

Internet usage is spiking as more and more customers and businesses are relying on online information and services due to…

Mikel Bruce
May 29, 2020
Online Marketing

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