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Want to Become a Better Writer? Listen to Rap, Write About Philosophy and Read Billboards

How listening to rap, writing philosophy essays, and reading billboards made me a better copywriter and content creator. The…

Sam Winsbury
December 20, 2020
Content Marketing

How to Write Copy That Converts

Copywriting can be difficult. It’s hard to know what points to hit, what language to use, and how to…

Jeff Baker
February 10, 2020
Digital Marketing

Does Your Website Need a Content Makeover?

Businesses adapt and change as they grow and often these changes are overlooked on their website. While you may…

Connor Brooke
March 30, 2018
Web Design

4 Copywriting Tips That Will Optimize Your Website

While the world of marketing is constantly changing, there is no doubt that copywriters continue to play a pivotal…

Connor Brooke
June 29, 2017

21 Great Ways To Innovate

How can you innovate?  Not once but over and over?  How can you repeatedly implement great new products, processes…

James Spillane
March 5, 2015
Business Innovation

5 Ways to Get the Most From Your Microcopy

We live in a world of micro-attention. With a multitude of messages and media constantly vying for our mental…

Jay Leonard
December 11, 2014

Has Plagiarism Become a Fact of Life on the Internet?

Writing is not only my passion, it is my business. I provide content for websites, blogs, newsletters and even…

Jay Leonard
January 8, 2014
Content Marketing

Your Value Proposition Stinks! This is Why…

Image: Torley ‘Unique value proposition’ (UVP) is a term most online marketers have heard and many of us use.…

Jay Leonard
May 21, 2013

Crucial Content Marketing Checklist – 10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Publish New Content

With strategic content creation, (the creation of content with a specific business goal in mind), it is critical that…

Jay Leonard
February 27, 2013
Content Marketing

Overcoming (Copy)Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is inevitable for anyone who writes copy for marketing purposes. And as SEO increasingly shifts its focus…

Connor Brooke
January 30, 2013
Content Marketing

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