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How to Develop a Software Project as a Non-Product

Software development is the core focus of any digitally transforming organization. A lot of time and effort in these…

Jay Leonard
October 17, 2019

What Serverless Is and What it Means for You – Part 2: Challenges and Considerations for Choosing the Right Serverless Solution

AWS Lambda? Azure functions? Openwhisk? Fission? As you’re considering Serverless and looking for ways to get started (with shedding…

Jay Leonard
November 29, 2018
Cloud Computing

How Continuous Delivery Can Improve the Customer Experience

Keeping up with the competition and the demands of your customers requires constantly enhancing and improving your website or…

Jay Leonard
March 28, 2017
Customer Experience

Redefined By Continuous Delivery and Service to the End User

“If your time to you is worth savin’; then you better start swimmin’; or you’ll sink like a stone;…

Jay Leonard
June 21, 2016
Business Innovation

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