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Blogging Best Practices: Subheads Matter

If you’re interested in blogging best practices, focus on using subheads in your posts. Why? People don’t read anymore. Well,…

Alan Draper
April 8, 2013

The Right Approach to Content Marketing Strategy

Recently, I was having a casual lunch meeting with a friend who is also a real estate professional in Singapore.…

Jay Leonard
April 4, 2013
Content Marketing

Your Tumblr Blog: Why I Hate It

Have a Tumblr blog? That’s terrific. But for what it’s worth, I think it’s a bad idea to rely exclusively…

Jay Leonard
March 11, 2013

The Key to Writing Great Blog Posts

Writing effective content for the web is about more than picking a topic and actually writing the piece--although those two…

Alan Draper
February 12, 2013

26 Content Marketing Tools to Use in 2013

Content marketing is so hot right now. No, really, it is. According to Content Marketing Institute’s recent B2B Content Marketing…

Alan Draper
January 14, 2013
Digital Marketing

5 Ways To Improve The Bounce Rate Of Your Blog

Your bounce rate reveals the percentage of single-page visits on your website. Usually viewed as a sign of visitor dissatisfaction,…

Jay Leonard
January 8, 2013

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