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7 Reasons Why Brands Move to Cloud Contact Center

Strong communication is precious between customers and the company. A cloud contact center can be defined as a capacity…

Shruti Bansal
November 26, 2021
Cloud Computing

Call Center vs. Contact Center: The Difference For Businesses

Many people think that call center and contact center are synonyms. The terms are often used interchangeably when, in…

Grace Lau
November 8, 2021

The Future of Omnichannel Contact Centers

Before the pandemic, personalization was already a vital part of delivering an exceptional customer experience online and offline. However,…

Rotem Gal
August 2, 2021

Customer Experience: What If I Was Finally Offered a Seamless Experience?

As a customer, I am still too often frustrated by my experiences with companies. While I hope to get…

Julien Rio
July 1, 2021
Customer Experience

Developing a Better Customer Experience Through the Contact Center

Today’s customer has different needs and priorities. There is a higher level of customer demands, and businesses need to…

Julien Rio
April 28, 2021
Customer Experience

8 Reasons to Move Your Contact Center to the Cloud

Often considered a company cost center and the Rodney Dangerfield of departments, contact centers have historically been overlooked and…

Tricia Morris
September 21, 2020
Customer Experience

7 Statistics that Show What Communication Silos are Costing Companies

“Did you hear what marketing proposed on the Zoom meeting this morning?” I’ll Slack you after I get off…

Tricia Morris
September 1, 2020

Meeting Growing Customer Demand for a Greater CX

The standards for a great customer experience are changing — that’s obvious. While customer appetite for personalized, 24/7 customer service is…

Connor Brooke
November 1, 2019
Customer Experience

AI is Here to Help Agents, Not Take Their Jobs

As AI becomes more and more commonplace, people are questioning, “Is my job safe?” Looking purely at the news…

James Spillane
September 13, 2019
Customer Experience

AI: When to Play It Safe and When It’s Risky Business

Thirty-five years ago, times were much simpler – the first IBM PC had recently hit the market, smartphones didn’t…

James Spillane
September 3, 2019
Customer Experience

The Telephone is a Dying Communication Channel and It’s Being Killed by Robocalls

My phone rings. It’s a mobile number, and I’m expecting a call. I pick up the phone. An automated…

Jay Leonard
August 27, 2019
Customer Experience

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