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3 Key Spin Words and Why They Matter

Media outlets often use words and phrases that aren’t fact-based, objective or measurable. Instead, they’re inherently vague, subjective and…

Connor Brooke
January 18, 2018

Why Startups Should Aim to Get Featured on CNN

When you hear about getting featured on CNN, you’d probably think it’s a big deal. After all, it’s one…

Jay Leonard
July 13, 2017

CNN And FAA Agree To News Drones Usage

Drones have been a popular discussion these days and CNN is joining. CNN and the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)…

Jay Leonard
January 12, 2015
US News

CNN’s Jake Tapper ‘Disappointed’ That U.S. Wasn’t Represented At Paris Unity Rally

CNN’s Jake Tapper said that he was “disappointed” that the U.S. wasn’t represented at the Paris Unity Rally. On…

Jay Leonard
January 11, 2015
Government & Politics

Ex-Cop Points Gun At #BlackBrunch Protesters On Twitter

Former police officer John Cardillo sent a very pointed message to Black Brunch protesters on his Twitter account. And…

Alan Draper
January 7, 2015
US News

Eric Garner’s Daughter Does Not Believe Her Father’s Death Was Racially Motivated

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IuEI9txdPOQ Eric Garner’s daughter appeared on CNN with Don Lemon to discuss her father’s death and the grand jury’s…

Connor Brooke
December 5, 2014
US News

Anderson Cooper Pranked By His Own Staff During ‘Ridiculist’ Segment [Video]

Last night, CNN’s Anderson Cooper became the news when he found himself being pranked on-air by his own staff…

Jay Leonard
November 12, 2014
Social Buzz

Former Employee Sues CNN For $5 Million, Claims Wrongful Termination

A former CNN employee has sued the network for $5 million. The wrongful termination suit was filed by a…

Connor Brooke
October 7, 2014
Social Buzz

Piers Morgan Leaving CNN, Announces Departure On Twitter

  Piers Morgan is leaving CNN, according to a series of tweets he sent out Tuesday morning. Morgan hosted…

Connor Brooke
September 2, 2014
Social Buzz

Walter White Not Dead? Bryan Cranston Says ‘Never Say Never’ to Breaking Bad Return

The US actor, 58, refused to rule out reprising the role as a chemistry teacher turned meth manufacturer, despite…

James Spillane
May 30, 2014
Social Buzz

Musings on the Future of Cable News

After reading Kelefa Sanneh‘s piece in The New Yorker that took an in-depth look at MSNBC, it got me thinking about what I…

Connor Brooke
October 1, 2013
US News

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