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Why Cloud-Based Procurement Can Be More Beneficial Than You Think

It’s no secret that procuring is a complicated process to keep track of. As a result, visibility becomes increasingly…

Chintan Jain
December 9, 2021
Cloud Computing

Capabilities of Cloud Supply Chain and Logistics

Back in the day, most supply chains had their strategies built around a more or less stable business environment.…

Rocky Osborn
June 18, 2021
Cloud Computing

The Barriers to Digital Transformation – and How to Overcome Them With Workflow Automation

Enterprises around the world have been embarking on digital transformation journeys for years now. Even businesses that weren’t there…

John Milburn
June 15, 2021
Business Intelligence

The Rise of the Data Cloud: 5 Key Trends to Know in 2021

The Vs of Big Data were recently upgraded to 7 from 5, with Variability and Visualization joining the original…

Swapnil Bhagwat
April 11, 2021
Cloud Computing

Is Cloud Computing Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, it is! And sustainable, too. But it comes with a catch. Fortunately, main cloud providers have assertive initiatives…

Adam Goulston
March 17, 2021
Cloud Computing

7 Key Advantages of Cloud Computing for Your Business

Cloud services have taken the world by a storm. Businesses across all the domains and geographies have adapted the…

Chanakya Kyatham
December 14, 2020
Cloud Computing

Why Early-Age Startups Should Switch to Cloud Storage

Importance of data in the digital world Data is the new oil – Clive Humby In 2006, he coined…

Dhruv Mehta
August 4, 2020
Cloud Computing

5 Data Security Errors That Can Break Your Business

In the age of data breaches, cybersecurity can get overwhelmingly complex for entrepreneurs. Tie it up with sales and…

Rakesh Soni
March 9, 2020

Azure Arc: Healing the Pain of Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

The yearly Ignite conference is much like Christmas morning for Microsoft cloud enthusiasts. Microsoft parades out a bunch of…

Mark Runyon
March 3, 2020
Cloud Computing

How to Choose the Best Server Type for Your Business

Among the first steps when starting a business are choosing a company scope, drafting a business plan, selecting a…

Lucas Roh
February 18, 2020
Cloud Computing

Cloud-Native Environments: A Challenge for Traditional Cyber Security Practices

Blind trust is no longer enough in the era of GDPR Clouds are those blurred masses of condensed watery…

Alan Draper
December 22, 2019

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