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Orda Revolutionizes Restaurant Business Across Africa

Many African restaurants are stuck using low-tech means for accounting – often with pen and paper, sometimes without access…

Sam Dawson
December 14, 2022

Cloud Cost Management 101

Cloud cost management is one of the top priorities of tech companies today. Why? There’s no doubt that cloud…

Maxim Melamedov
October 15, 2021
Cloud Computing

What’s All the Investment Fuss About Cloud Computing?

As data computing needs become more demanding, traditional onsite data storage methods prove outdated. Just like the iconic line…

Andrew Zola
September 29, 2021
Cloud Computing

LaaS, PaaS, CaaS, IaaS, FaaS, and SaaS

Introduction As technology develops, new variations of cloud computing services pop up. No two services are the same, but…

Hanna Barabakh
September 7, 2021
Cloud Computing

How to Generate Quality Leads With Organic Traffic

The two most important tactics you can use when it comes to creating a successful marketing plan are lead…

Nick Brown
June 23, 2021

Capabilities of Cloud Supply Chain and Logistics

Back in the day, most supply chains had their strategies built around a more or less stable business environment.…

Rocky Osborn
June 18, 2021
Cloud Computing

It’s Time for the Financial Industry to Kick-Off Banking in the Cloud

In the old days, banks have been resilient on legacy systems and were often reluctant to make changes in…

Mahipal Nehra
May 10, 2021
Big Data

The Rise of the Data Cloud: 5 Key Trends to Know in 2021

The Vs of Big Data were recently upgraded to 7 from 5, with Variability and Visualization joining the original…

Swapnil Bhagwat
April 11, 2021
Cloud Computing

Is Cloud Computing Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, it is! And sustainable, too. But it comes with a catch. Fortunately, main cloud providers have assertive initiatives…

Adam Goulston
March 17, 2021
Cloud Computing

7 Key Big Data Trends to Watch in 2021

As everyone knows, 2020 didn’t quite turn out to be the year we had all expected. The pandemic threw…

Swapnil Bhagwat
December 14, 2020
Big Data

Interactive 3D Simulations Helping Execs & Employees Master Uncomfortable Conversations

Interactive microlearning tech teaches execs & employees how to effectively address and resolve critical and angst-inducing issues via interactive…

Merilee Kern
November 13, 2020
Business Innovation

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