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How AI Chatbots and Influencer Marketing Can Work Together

Chatbots are ushering in a new form of communication that is making its mark in marketing in a big way.…

Jay Leonard
March 16, 2017

6 Key Considerations To Include In Your Chatbot Marketing Strategy

Today, people across the world use messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. In fact, more than three times…

Connor Brooke
March 1, 2017

Marketers, Keep Your Eyes Wide Open on A.I. and Chatbots

In Investment Management, we are just getting a grasp on this social media thing, marketing automation, and trying to simplify…

Alan Draper
February 24, 2017
Big Data

5 Ways Chatbots Will Improve Corporate Events

A couple birthdays ago, I met Alexa. She immediately found her way to my heart by dishing out the latest…

Connor Brooke
February 3, 2017
Human Resources

3 Reasons Businesses Need a Mobile Messaging Presence

Chatbots and messaging apps have been at the centre of the media attention in the tech industry. From building chatbots…

Alan Draper
January 12, 2017

Conversations with Chatbots

Why would I spend my time talking to a robot? As a marketer, I am always looking for ways to…

James Spillane
January 11, 2017
Social Selling

Should You Choose Facebook Messenger As Your Chatbot Platform?

Evaluating the pros & cons of the Facebook Messenger bot platform as part of your business’ chatbot strategy So, you've…

Jay Leonard
December 15, 2016

How Robots Are Going To Help You Get More Business on LinkedIn

A new series of platform updates, robots(!) and more are about to make your ability to connect and engage sales…

Alan Draper
December 1, 2016

Machine Learning-Powered Chatbots Move Beyond Apps

Users are looking for more than the humble SMS text message to communicate with friends and family. Our communication requirements…

Alan Draper
October 17, 2016
Tech & Gadgets

2016 Mid-Year Retail Trends

It feels like everyone was just preparing for the Christmas rush; but—surprise—we’re already over the hump in 2016 and headed…

James Spillane
August 3, 2016
Business Innovation

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