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Top Types of Customer Communication Channels

Customers are the lifeblood of your business, so it makes sense that they should also be the motivating factor behind…

Alan Draper
January 9, 2019
Customer Experience

Outlook: MarTech to Help You Rev Up Sales and Engagement in 2019

While marketers are finding themselves overwhelmed by the pace of technology innovation and disruption, it’s quite surprising to see martech…

Connor Brooke
November 26, 2018

3 Ways to Do More with Customer Experience Personalization

By 2020, customer experience (CX) will overtake price as a key product differentiator. While there are many ways to improve…

James Spillane
November 2, 2018
Customer Experience

How to Use Technology to Improve the Agent Experience

Customer care is an integral part of any successful business. After all, potential or loyal customers will often engage with…

James Spillane
October 3, 2018
Customer Experience

How Conversational Commerce is Transforming Customer Service – and Payments

The stats on e-commerce are telling a promising story. According to a recent survey by Square and Mercury Analytics, 51…

Connor Brooke
August 15, 2018

The Growth of Chatbots Usage in Customer Service Industry [Infographic]

The proliferation of chatbot madness did not start today. Introduced by Alan Turing, chatbox begun in the 1950s. The artificial…

Connor Brooke
May 15, 2018

Voice Assistants and Conversational AI – The Future of Banking

If we were to go through the sales numbers of the last 18 months, it is fairly evident that there…

Jay Leonard
April 23, 2018
Business Innovation

Should Your Business Embrace AI for Customer Service?

We’ve all heard the stories. A friend of ours swearing off their once-favorite company after a phone call to customer…

Jay Leonard
April 12, 2018
Customer Experience

How Do Chatbots Work? A Guide to Chatbot Architecture.

Humans are always fascinated with self-operating devices and today, it is software “Chatbots” which are becoming more human-like and are…

Connor Brooke
February 28, 2018
Business Innovation

Top 10 Most Powerful Platforms to Build a Chatbot

I’m sure most of you must’ve interacted with a chatbot by now on Facebook Messenger. It is adopted by thousands…

Alan Draper
January 15, 2018
Digital Marketing

How to Train Your Chatbot and Make the Most of It

Every industry has become consumer-focused in present world. The idea is always how to improve customer delight. We have customer…

Connor Brooke
January 10, 2018
Mobile & Apps

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