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How Can Custom Chatbots Help You Ease Your Customer Service

In today’s saturated market with plenty of options for your target customers, the only thing that ensures the success…

Mitul Makadia
March 30, 2020
Customer Experience

Chatbots Have Taken Over Banking, So Now What?

Key takeaways Since 2016, global banks have led a gold rush towards the implementation of automated chatbot technologies, spurred…

Connor Brooke
February 25, 2019

Winning Live Chat Training for Your Customer Service Team

Implementing live chat for your customer service team might seem like a major decision—and it is!—but it is only…

Jay Leonard
July 10, 2018
Customer Experience

What Are The Best Practices in Bot Development?

If you happen to be a growing company with a focus on latest technology – chatbots or simply bots…

Connor Brooke
July 7, 2018
Tech & Gadgets

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