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What Are Cloud-Based Call Centers and Why Choose Them Over On-Premise Call Centers?

Businesses need to step up with the growing customer demands, optimize their existing IT ecosystem and migrate to a…

Connor Brooke
March 5, 2018
Cloud Computing

What Do Older Generations Want From Customer Service? [Infographic]

It may surprise you that one in five Twitter users are aged over 50, over 59 per cent of…

Jay Leonard
July 17, 2017

The Customer Service Graveyard [Infographic]

An inscribed clay tablet, kept in the British Museum, is widely believed to be the world’s first recorded customer…

Jay Leonard
June 25, 2017

Safeguarding Your Customers’ Data! [Interview]

As globalisation and technology push more and more of our information into the digital sphere, many people have growing…

Connor Brooke
April 30, 2014
Expert Interviews

10 Things That Could be Killing Your Call Centre’s Effectiveness

Contact centres are changing the way they operate. With various new technologies and online services now available, those centres…

Jay Leonard
April 23, 2014
Customer Experience

How to Lose Customers & What You Need to Do if You Don’t Want This to Happen!

Some weeks are frustrating aren’t they? I have been reviewing SaaS (software as a service) companies this week and was…

James Spillane
September 9, 2013
Customer Experience

How to Improve an Agent’s Telesales Confidence

In order to keep sales figures in the call centre high, agents must feel confident in their ability to…

Jay Leonard
August 9, 2013
Sales Management

How to Build a B2B Telephone Sales Script

When it comes to business, everyone uses the telephone. In order to keep your calendar full of new business…

Connor Brooke
June 21, 2013
B2B Marketing

5 Essential Tips for Contact Centre Complaints Handling

Those of us who’ve had responsibility for complaints management at one time or another will have experienced a full…

Jay Leonard
March 13, 2013
Customer Experience

Why Business Process Must Never Replace Humanity in a Contact Centre

On February 27th in New Zealand, a man died in a shark attack on a beach near Auckland. This tragic…

Connor Brooke
March 12, 2013
Customer Experience

Discover How to Win New Clients Improving Your Buyer Processes

Buyers typically desire different contact information at different times during the buying cycle. Examples of types of buyers and…

Alan Draper
January 28, 2013
Sales Management

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