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Why Companies Should Stop Giving C-Suite Data Access

When we think about cyber attacks or data breaches, one of the first things that come to our mind…

Rakesh Soni
December 26, 2021

The 3 Biggest Mistakes the Board Can Make Around Cyber Security

The protection of the business from cyber threats is something you need to grow, not something you can buy…

JC Gaillard
June 16, 2021

Cyber Security: There Are Still Problems at the Top

Only a cultural shift across the Boardroom can move the needle The survey released by BT Security in January…

JC Gaillard
April 8, 2021

The Disconnect Between Top, Bottom, and Everything in the Middle

The big picture is broken. Sixty-eight percent of businesses admit to working in silos and it’s affecting everybody from…

Sumit De
February 24, 2021
Workplace Culture

Cyber Security: Revisiting the Questions the Board Should Ask

One Board member must be in charge and their pay package must ride on it In 2015, in the…

Connor Brooke
December 11, 2019

Today’s CTO: The Chief Transformation Officer

In the past, I suggested that the role of the CIO needs to shift from that of a Chief…

Jay Leonard
November 12, 2019
Business Innovation

Business Leader Imperative: What You Need to Know

Have you ever wished you could predict the future? What would you do if you could clearly see critical…

Alan Draper
October 29, 2019

What Cyber Resilience is Not About …

Cyber resilience must not be used to legitimise window-dressing practices around cyber security Although the theme is gaining momentum,…

Jay Leonard
October 16, 2019

Cyber Security in the “When-Not-If” Era

No longer just as an equation between risk appetite, compliance requirements and costs The “When-Not-If” paradigm around cyber-attacks is…

James Spillane
September 24, 2019

How CMOs Can Avoid the 3-Year Tenure Trap

Marketers, you may want to sit down for this: A recent study revealed that CMOs have the shortest tenure…

Jay Leonard
March 28, 2019

Creating a Values Statement that Sticks

When productivity takes a hit, when the numbers aren’t met, and when morale is low, it’s time to write…

James Spillane
January 15, 2019

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