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5 Tips for Purchasing a Company

Buying another company is a huge step in your career and life, so it is not a decision to…

Monika Jansen
February 18, 2020
Small Business

Got a Buyer for Your Business? Here are 9 Tips to Respond to Them

When selling your business, an interesting and important question you should ask yourself is: What is it like to…

Connor Brooke
January 4, 2018
Small Business

Why You Need Persistence When Selling Your Business

Selling a business is ranked as one of the most stressful events in an entrepreneur’s life. Why? Because it…

Jay Leonard
November 6, 2017
Small Business

Learn How to Sell a Business Without a Loan

Are you thinking of selling your small business but the idea of offering seller financing or having it pre-approved…

Connor Brooke
September 27, 2017
Small Business

What You Need to Know About Business Valuations

As a business owner, one of the most important questions you need to answer is: What is my business…

Alan Draper
August 29, 2017
Small Business

Fishing vs. Hunting: Which is the Right Way to Sell Your Business?

Selling a business with a fishing rod is like casting a line, dropping the lure, and waiting. In the…

James Spillane
April 9, 2017
Small Business

How to Maintain Brand Consistency After Buying a Business

If you’ve just purchased a business, you’re probably eager to get started putting your own unique stamp on it.…

Jay Leonard
April 3, 2017

Are Free Business Valuations Too Expensive?

We often get approached by business owners asking us to do a free valuation for their business. And they…

Jay Leonard
January 13, 2017
Small Business

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