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Outsourcing and Strategic Partnerships: How to Maximize Results with Minimal Resources

As any business owner or department leader knows, there are benefits and drawbacks to having a smaller team. The…

Jay Leonard
July 8, 2018
Business Innovation

Business Partners – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

A lot of people go into business with a business partner, sometimes friends and sometimes people who have a…

Jay Leonard
January 30, 2017
Small Business

Paradigm Shift: Issues Facing Today’s CIO

Gone are the days of a company’s lone “IT person” – a mysterious and omniscient entity, sitting in an…

Jay Leonard
March 8, 2016

The One Thing You Should Know About Your Business Partner

People choose business partners for many reasons, and not always for the right ones. Sometimes, two people come up…

Connor Brooke
July 18, 2014

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