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8 Recommendations to Create Stellar Internship Programs in PR and Marketing

Creating a quality internship program that avoids legal problems and educates interns about PR and marketing requires thoughtful planning…

William Comcowich
September 15, 2020
Public Relations

Group Intelligence Requires Awkwardness. Let’s Quit Trying to Manage It Away

A friend reports her small local grocery with one entrance and three aisles has implemented one-way aisles in response…

Ed Muzio
June 23, 2020
Workplace Culture

Strategic Leadership: What Your “Action Logic” Says About Your Leadership Style

The age-old debate over whether leaders are born or made often paints a black and white picture of what…

Jeanne Hardy
September 10, 2019

11 Business Blunders to Evade When Starting Up

Starting an online business comes with a string of benefits such as: Reduced overheads Wide geographical reach Low marketing…

Connor Brooke
July 11, 2019
Small Business

Principles of Process: Implementing Successful Change Management Through Empathy and Empowerment

Over time, every business will come to a point in its strategic planning in which it will need to…

Jay Leonard
May 31, 2019

Why Managers Have Unrealistic Expectations About Their Team’s Capabilities

Do you know what Theodore Roosevelt, the Winklevoss Twins, Stephen Hawking, and Anderson Cooper have in common—other than success?…

Jay Leonard
April 16, 2019

Web Development Business Management and Sales Techniques

Software engineers often think about starting a web development business of their own. We may be talking about a…

Mario Peshev
February 16, 2019
Sales Management

How to Win at Managing Multicultural Teams

Latest research shows that cultural diversity in teams increases profitability. A homogenous workplace often closes its doors to insights,…

Connor Brooke
May 9, 2018

Is Your Organizational Culture in Need of a Transformation?

The term “culture” means many things to many people, but within the business world it generally speaks to the…

Connor Brooke
January 23, 2017

5 Reasons Every Business Team Needs a Creative

Creative types: these days, they’re often dismissed as less essential to business goals than other team members. Beyond hiring…

Jay Leonard
January 10, 2017

5 Reasons Why Succession Planning Matters

Does your company know who will take over if the CEO steps down? When a company is just beginning…

Connor Brooke
October 25, 2016

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