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5 Top Big Data and Analytics Trends For 2022

In recent years, big data and analytics have become increasingly important to businesses of all sizes. The ability to…

Joydeep Bhattacharya
December 27, 2021
Big Data

4 Types of Sales Intelligence Data that Boost Revenues

Sales and data go hand in hand these days. Thanks to the wide range of data available, sales teams…

Joydeep Bhattacharya
December 5, 2021
Content Marketing

What Is the Best Process for Creating a Dashboard?

Any business, no matter what industry or size, is collecting information about its customers, its market, its conversions, etc.,…

Nicole Hitner
October 21, 2021

These Are the Ingredients For a Self-Service BI Strategy

Self-service BI implementations are a bit like cakes in that they don’t turn out well without a tried and…

Mike Brody
August 27, 2021
Business Intelligence

Top 5 Embedded Business Intelligence Best Practices

Businesses thrive because they fail in new and exciting ways. Little failures every day add up to big lessons.…

Mike Brody
June 25, 2021
Business Intelligence

What is the Difference Between BI and Analytics?

BI and analytics are both umbrella terms referring to a type of data insight software. Many providers use them…

Mike Brody
June 4, 2021
Business Intelligence

How Businesses Can Integrate AI-Based Technologies to Analyze Their Software Effectiveness and Reduce Cost

Adopting AI-based technologies into your business won’t only save you time in performing your day-to-day administrative duties, their integrations…

Michael Usiagwu
June 1, 2021
Business Innovation

10 Ways How RPA Can Boost Your Business

According to a report by Everest Group, Robotic Process Automation is likely to lead to a cost reduction of…

Mitul Makadia
May 22, 2021
Tech & Gadgets

Estimating the Cost of Embedded Business Intelligence Solutions

Business intelligence (BI) solutions are costly, and embedded business intelligence solutions even more so. Why? Because embedded solutions have…

Mike Brody
April 19, 2021
Business Intelligence

What are the Features of a Comprehensive BI Solution?

Even organizations with niche requirements find security in comprehensive BI solutions. Since it’s virtually impossible to anticipate the myriad…

Mike Brody
March 16, 2021
Business Intelligence

Ringing in the New Year: A Look Ahead to NLP in 2021

2020 has been a year of significant growth for Natural Language Processing (NLP). In a recent post, I outlined…

David Talby
January 5, 2021
Tech & Gadgets

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