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7 Questions to Ask About Contract Lifecycle Management

In my earlier blogs, I’ve talked about effective contract risk mitigation strategies, the top contract lifecycle management (CLM) KPIs…

David Parks
October 25, 2021
Business Innovation

How to Teach Your Kids About Finance

A surprising finding by the Council for Economic Education is that only one-third of U.S. high schools require students…

Baruch Silvermann
July 20, 2021

Estimating the Cost of Embedded Business Intelligence Solutions

Business intelligence (BI) solutions are costly, and embedded business intelligence solutions even more so. Why? Because embedded solutions have…

Mike Brody
April 19, 2021
Business Intelligence

Small Business Cash-Flow: How Much Cash Is Too Much?

Small business owners know that cash is a vital thing. The survival and eventual achievement of your business depend…

Giuniduz Osmanov
January 29, 2021
Small Business

How Much Does a Website Cost? How to Budget For Your Next Business Website

Website prices can vary wildly from free, to millions of pounds. The range and variation of production, functionality, design,…

Andy Woods
October 23, 2020
Web Design

Google Advertising Adds a 2% Tax: Budgeting For the New UK Digital Services Tax

Advertisers on the Google UK platform will pay an additional 2% levy on top of their advertising spend effective…

Susan Hallam
September 5, 2020
Digital Marketing

How to Get the Most Out of Your Finance Software

Following the surge in popularity of finance software during the first part of the twenty-first century, a great number…

Alan Draper
October 16, 2019

How to Budget for Change in Your Strategic Plan

We’re quickly approaching budget season, which means many business leaders will spend weeks crunching numbers and forecasting for 2020.…

Jay Leonard
September 17, 2019

Why Your Small Business Should Create a Budget

Does your small business have a budget? For the majority of small businesses, the answer is – no. This…

Alan Draper
November 14, 2018
Small Business

3 Practical Ways to Make Better Use of Organizational Charts

Since there introduction organizational charts were only used to show the reporting structure of a company. Although it’s still…

Jay Leonard
October 11, 2016

Free Finance Tools to Help Make Your Life Easier

“Money makes the world go round” “Money doesn’t grow on trees” (it would be super awesome if it did).…

Connor Brooke
September 23, 2016

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