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Playing the Hand You’re Dealt: How Will a No Deal Brexit Impact the Stock Markets of the UK and Beyond?

Three months can be a long time in politics – especially when it comes to the UK in the…

Daglar Cizmeci
January 30, 2020

Despite Brexit, London is Tightening Its Grip on Digital Trading

Brexit – the decision of the UK to leave the European Union – was supposed to have deeply negative…

Alan Draper
November 24, 2019

Don’t be a ZEBRA: Zero Evidence but Really Adamant!

Zebra stands for Zero Evidence but Really Adamant. Zebras are people who see things in black and white. They…

Alan Draper
October 30, 2018
Business Innovation

How the UK is Changing the Way They Find New Business Leaders

Education plays an important role in Business when it comes to finding the brightest minds to be the future…

Jay Leonard
September 28, 2016

Has The Brexit Been Good For The UK Economy?

Before and after the Brexit there was an enormous amount of negativity surrounding the UK. There were huge fears…

Jay Leonard
September 19, 2016
World News

Capitalizing on Change to Take Internet Retailing to New Horizons

This year has already proven to be one of fundamental change. As the UK now embarks on the journey…

Jay Leonard
September 2, 2016

After Brexit What Happens Next?

What seemed to be a meaningless and innocuous referendum to determine the fate of the United Kingdom (UK) to…

Connor Brooke
July 23, 2016

Brexit: A Preview of Things to Come in Politics?

The UK recently voted to leave the European Union in a result that seemed to surprise even those running…

Connor Brooke
July 20, 2016
Government & Politics

Brexit And Your Company – What Happens Now? [UK News]

As I’m sure you are aware, the United Kingdom has voted in favour of Brexit. What effect could Brexit…

Alan Draper
June 27, 2016
World News

What is Brexit and the Ramifications of Leaving the European Union [UK News]

Aside from the flooding of headlines for Donald Trump becoming the presumptive nominee for the Republican Party, another trend…

Alan Draper
June 22, 2016
World News

How Would Brexit Affect UK Economy, Work and Training Systems?

David Cameron, before being elected last year, activated a manifesto pledge to hold an in/out referendum on Britain’s membership…

James Spillane
May 28, 2016
World News

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