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Branding in 2022: 4 Ways to Position Your Brand to Win

If you’re reading this, you probably already have a good business idea. If not, here’s how to find one. And…

DeJuan Wright
October 12, 2021

5 Benefits of Being In Business For Yourself

The point of starting a business is to provide a solution in the form of either a product or in…

Isaac Mashman
October 4, 2021
Small Business

Why Your Marketing Strategy Needs To Go Beyond Analytics

You hear a lot about analytics these days: how brands need to use “the numbers” to create content and advertising…

Mark Armstrong
September 22, 2021

A Step-by-Step Guide to Marketing Your Mobile App

With over 6.3 billion smartphone users across the world, it is not the least bit surprising that the mobile app…

Praveen Mishra
September 16, 2021
Mobile & Apps

Snapchat Marketing Tips For Reaching New Audiences in 2021

Snapchat has over 530 million active users, and it's a fun marketing tool, which is why it deserves a more…

Jock Breitwieser
September 14, 2021
Social Media

Hip-Hop Remains a Branding Behemoth

Hip-hop, from a business standpoint, is currently in a very peculiar position. On one hand, besides the rap artist Drake,…

DeJuan Wright
September 13, 2021

The Single Most Important Rule In Rebranding – This Is Not the Time to Make Little Plans!

We call it the “Golden Rule” of rebranding. It is the single most important goal when rebranding your organization, but…

Jim Heininger
September 2, 2021

Social Media Branding Insights For Startups

As the owner of a startup, many things can probably seem overwhelming at times. From managing inventory, clients, accounting, staff,…

DeJuan Wright
August 31, 2021
Social Media

Every Brand Will Need 1 of These 4 Types of Influencers

Recently, there has been a growing debate amongst marketers in regards to just how effective influencers are to helping grow…

DeJuan Wright
August 27, 2021

Why Social Listening Is Key to Building the Brand Awareness You Really Want

Businesses should now be more aware than ever that simply monitoring social media while trying to improve a brand’s recognition…

Aleh Barysevich
August 25, 2021

Why Your Content Isn’t Converting (And How to Fix It Without Spending Thousands on Ads)

Is there anything more frustrating than spending hours crafting what you know to be great content, only for it not…

Matt Janaway
August 23, 2021
Content Marketing

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