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How to Create User-First Editorial Content

It’s time for the audience to be heard. The digital landscape has become overcrowded. Brands continue to push out…

Alan Draper
September 18, 2018
Content Marketing

The Evolution of Content Marketing: 3 Lessons for Your Marketing Strategy

Be honest, be true to yourself and don’t hide your brand! In the beginning, there was the product. We…

James Spillane
August 28, 2018
Content Marketing

Why Always-On Doesn’t Cut It Anymore

We are drowning. From ads to content marketing and everything in between, we are drowning in a sea of…

Jay Leonard
June 27, 2018
Content Marketing

How Brands Are Using Humor to Show Personality and Gain Trust

It’s all about trust. As consumers, it appears we are losing trust in the brands we buy from. With…

Connor Brooke
June 17, 2018
Content Marketing

Why Brands Must Move From Campaign to Content Marketing

The way we consume content has changed. With the rise of content being consumed on mobile devices and the…

Connor Brooke
May 17, 2018
Content Marketing

How To Get Press For Your Startup

EXTRA! EXTRA! Simpletons At PR Outreach Service Expose Industry Secrets! We really shouldn’t be telling you this because this…

Jay Leonard
June 8, 2017
Public Relations

5 Ways To Get The Most Out of Video Influencer Marketing

Video content has proved itself to be a surefire way to accelerate influencer status. The popularity of social video…

Jay Leonard
April 27, 2017

Facebook Now Allows Branded Content for All Business Pages

Until this week, Facebook allowed only verified Business Pages and Profiles (those with the little check next to the…

Jay Leonard
March 31, 2017

The Art of Discerning Content. Why Is It Important?

Ever feel surprised to see “a get-rich-quick” kind of sponsored article when you are browsing your favourite credible news…

Connor Brooke
November 13, 2016
Content Marketing

The Misconceptions, Benefits and Future of Native Advertising

Around this time of year, we start to see marketing trend predictions for the year ahead. One strategy that…

Alan Draper
September 20, 2016
Expert Interviews

Does Unbranded Content Really Work? Using Social Data to Understand the Trend

The rise of unbranding The question that has stunned many marketers is, “why would a brand create content and…

James Spillane
March 23, 2016
BrandViews / Affinio

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