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How is Cloud-Based Streaming Revolutionizing the Omnichannel Experience?

Amid the global pandemic, the world witnessed a paradigm shift when movie theatres were swiftly replaced by OTT (over-the-top)…

Rakesh Soni
September 16, 2021
Customer Experience

6 Actions Brands Can Take to Get Beyond Virtue Signaling for Positive Social Change

We’re roughly a year beyond what I’ll call a “corporate awakening” since the death of George Floyd. I’ve been…

Jerome Tennille
May 18, 2021

4 New PR Priorities for 2020

As this year draws to a close, PR pundits have pondered how PR will change in the coming year.…

Jay Leonard
November 28, 2019
Public Relations

Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses: An Interview with Gary Pershad

The following social media marketing industry interview is with Gary Pershad, Chief Marketing Officer of Getchogrindup LLC, Co-host of…

Jay Leonard
October 17, 2019

How Brands Can Respond to Rising Risks of Boycotts

Consumers are more inclined to boycott businesses than ever. Reasons for boycotts are numerous. Boycotters might accuse companies of…

Connor Brooke
September 13, 2019
Public Relations

6 Phases to Secure and Optimize Your Corporate Digital Footprint

For most companies, brand reputation and recognition is a priority. And if you read global risk research, you know…

James Spillane
August 18, 2019

Why Unknown Social Media Accounts are Critical to Your Digital Risk Management Practice

What large corporations don’t know about their digital brand presence can hurt them. Corporations that conduct global business and…

Jay Leonard
August 13, 2019
Social Media

Why Businesses Need to Monitor Fake News Sites

Businesses and celebrities have been under growing attack from websites that publish fake news. Every day, unscrupulous characters publish…

James Spillane
July 18, 2018
Crisis Management

3 PR Lessons from the Starbucks Apology

Starbucks has made its way to the top of our news feeds again, but this time it’s not about…

Connor Brooke
May 8, 2018
Public Relations

Why Accepting Credit Cards Increases Your Sales

It is often said in business that cash is king, but the reality is that this is not always…

Alan Draper
February 14, 2018
Sales Management

Personal Branding For Service Providers

Personal Branding is about creating a specific image of yourself in the mind of your ideal client, so they…

Alan Draper
May 28, 2017

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