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Want a Brand that Inspires? Implement These 10 Tips!

Does your leadership team understand your customer experience? Do all members of your C-Suite walk a mile in your…

Debbie Laskey
August 4, 2020

Brand Marketing During Coronavirus: What You Need to Know

How to Position Your Brand Messaging During COVID-19 When I say the word “brand,” what comes to mind? A…

Susan Friesen
May 18, 2020

The Power of Content Marketing Storytelling

3 Easy Ways to Increase Your Social Media Engagement Once upon a time your social media marketing strategy was…

Connor Brooke
April 18, 2019
Content Marketing

There’s No “Q” In Penguin

There was a time when I unhesitantly told people I was six feet, one inch tall. I’m not certain…

Connor Brooke
April 2, 2019

How to Find Your Business Niche

3 Ways to Help Better Position Your Business for Market Success Finding your business niche is the first step…

Jay Leonard
August 3, 2018
Online Marketing

How to Attract the Attention of the Media If They Ignore Your Press Releases and You Can’t Afford a PR Agency

If your business is considered too boring and not that innovative, you will have a hard time getting the…

James Spillane
January 4, 2018
Public Relations

6 Essential Cornerstones to Become an Undisputed Authority in Your Niche if You Own a Small Business

It’s public perception that in life you don’t get what you wish for but what you work for. However,…

James Spillane
November 15, 2017
Small Business

How to Define Your Brand to Make Yourself Stand Out

Your brand is anything that comes from your company as a specific source. To the consumer, it symbolises what…

James Spillane
November 14, 2017

How Branding Defines and Positions Your Business

What is Branding and How it’s Different from a Logo and Marketing When you think of brands you probably…

Connor Brooke
March 15, 2017

Marketing Localization: Diversifying Your Approach for Cultures Around the World

It’s a simple notion: The better you get to know your audiences, the more effective your marketing localization efforts…

Jay Leonard
November 14, 2013
Consumer Marketing

The Future of Corporate Branding is Personal

2013 has been eventful for some big brands with regards to the impact of senior execs and personal opinions…

James Spillane
August 1, 2013

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