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How to Maintain Brand Equity During a Site Redesign

Having well-recognized and positive brand equity is a huge advantage for any business. Companies with a respected brand can…

Connor Brooke
October 4, 2019
Web Design

Branding 101: How to Build a Strong Brand

Unless you are the first company in the niche, building a distinct brand can be a tough challenge. With…

Connor Brooke
April 25, 2019

4 Questions Every Business Must Answer to Define Their Brand

Nowadays, people are beginning to see brands in the same way they see their friends. Fully-developed brands have personalities,…

Jay Leonard
January 15, 2019
Consumer Marketing

Are Brands Forgetting Their Users?

When it comes to branded messaging, the audience is too often being forced to consume rather than willingly choosing…

James Spillane
May 8, 2018
Content Marketing

Brand Image, Equity, Personality & Archetypes: What Every Marketer Needs to Know

Your brand is not what you think it is! It is what your customers think it is; its brand…

Connor Brooke
April 23, 2018

Things to Consider When Building a Personal Fitness Brand

We’ve looked at how brands provide virtual support for fans and followers of all levels looking to live an…

James Spillane
July 5, 2015
BrandViews / Union Metrics

5 Ways to Show Brand Personality on Social Media

Modern-day marketing has shifted from a focus on promoting products to a concentration on creating brand awareness. This means…

James Spillane
January 6, 2014
Social Media

Marketing for People: Three Ways to Humanize Your B2B Content and Company

It’s Raining Marketing BS! It’s a marketing crap explosion out there. There is too much content and jargon-laden stuff…

Jay Leonard
July 3, 2013
B2B Marketing

Brand Inspiration — OG’s Top 20 Favourite Commercials

Brand Personality | Brand Identity | Brand Recognition To continue the Original Ginger series of articles on Brand (Brand…

Jay Leonard
March 31, 2013

Why is Brand So Important?

In this article we talk about what Branding is (brand personality, brand logo, brand recognition), how important it is…

James Spillane
March 25, 2013

Retailers Guide to Growth on Facebook: Strategy

Did You Know? Having done your research it pays to sit down and spend some time on your Facebook…

Jay Leonard
February 6, 2013

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