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5 Ways to Grow Your TikTok Following in Just One Month

One of the fastest growing apps in the world right now is video sharing sensation: TikTok. With over 800…

Alexandra Fasulo
May 15, 2020
Social Media

Combating Fake Followers in Influencer Marketing

Today’s digital marketing environment is one that has seen influencers pave the way for brands to make money through…

Jay Leonard
September 20, 2018

7 Factors to Drive Subscription Sign-Ups and Retention

Subscriptions are increasingly popular, especially among Millennials. According to a recent study, 92 percent of Millennials have active subscriptions.…

Jay Leonard
December 1, 2017
Consumer Marketing

How to Use Data-Backed Influencer Marketing to Grow Your Startup Business

The world of business is undergoing massive transformations. Being a business graduate, I was used to studying about companies…

Alan Draper
October 15, 2017

6 Reasons Why You Need Everyday Influencers As Brand Ambassadors

The idea of influence isn’t new. It has been around since there was more than one human on the…

James Spillane
October 6, 2017

Social Media Influencers React To Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories launched just a few weeks ago and already influencers are flocking to the platform. Like Snapchat, Instagram…

Connor Brooke
October 21, 2016

How to Identify the Right Influencers for Your Retail Audience

  Peer to peer influence is more powerful today than top-down communications. According to Edelman, 71% of consumers rely…

Jay Leonard
July 13, 2016
Consumer Marketing

4 Questions to Consider For Successful Influencer Marketing

If you’re looking to increase your influencer marketing efforts, you’re in good company. The vast majority (84%) of marketing…

Connor Brooke
May 9, 2016

Interview with Celebrity Influencer, Jamie Otis: How Social Media Changed Her Life, Post-Reality TV

The American reality TV lineup changes as fast as celebrities on top in the influencer marketing industry shift place.…

Jay Leonard
May 3, 2016
Social Buzz

Why Consumer Brands Should Focus on the Top 5% of Customers: 3 Ways Brands Can Laser-Focus on Top Social Influencers

When I think of brands that have an in-depth CRM strategy, enterprise giants like IBM and HP, rather than…

Alan Draper
April 30, 2016
Loyalty Marketing

Hack Brand Growth With Influencer Marketing – The Time is Now

As a brand, growing your presence online is becoming more and more important. With social media and technology flooding…

James Spillane
April 3, 2016

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