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How Blockchain Has Helped Tackle Issues Prevailing in Cumbersome Supply Chain Process

Procurement to Pay, P2P, is a step-by-step method that covers the procurement and financial procedures. The initial steps include…

Dilip Kumar Patairya
September 5, 2020

The 2 Pressing Problems Blockchain Technology Can Solve for The Social Media Platforms

Social media has always been viewed as an “open space” for communications and idea sharing. However, the latest hearings…

Alan Draper
October 3, 2018
Social Media

5 Blockchain Use Cases That Can Help Level up Your Small Business

Blockchain, the technology created to support Bitcoin transactions is becoming more exciting than the currency itself. The global spending…

Alan Draper
September 25, 2018
Small Business

Blockchain: the Creator of Economies

Blockchain the incorruptible digital ledger technology is the hottest sector of 2018 with innovation projects being developed across the…

Alan Draper
April 18, 2018
Business Innovation

3 Ways Your Business Can Start Leveraging Blockchain

Blockchain is inherently connected to cryptocurrency. And for good reason. The entire technology was developed so that Bitcoin and…

Alan Draper
November 30, 2017
Business Innovation

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