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How Blockchain Has Helped Tackle Issues Prevailing in Cumbersome Supply Chain Process

Procurement to Pay, P2P, is a step-by-step method that covers the procurement and financial procedures. The initial steps include…

Dilip Kumar Patairya
September 5, 2020

How Businesses Can Make Use of BlockChain Technologies

While Bitcoin captured the public imagination due to its meteoric rise and then a period of severe fluctuation and…

Jay Leonard
July 24, 2019

5 Ways Blockchain Benefits Mobile App Development Services

The Blockchain is going to be one of the most widely used technologies in the coming time. The reason…

Jay Leonard
January 10, 2019
Mobile & Apps

The 2 Pressing Problems Blockchain Technology Can Solve for The Social Media Platforms

Social media has always been viewed as an “open space” for communications and idea sharing. However, the latest hearings…

Alan Draper
October 3, 2018
Social Media

Why Businesses Are the Real Winners in the Age of 5G: Part 2

Part two of this article will look at how 5G will enhance technology and have a big impact on…

James Spillane
August 6, 2018
Business Innovation

5 Potential Uses for Blockchain in Your Business

Blockchain, the innovative technology made famous by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, has become a buzzword in the technology and…

Jay Leonard
May 9, 2018
Business Innovation

How Disruptive Is Blockchain in B2B & Beyond?: A Panel Discussion with the Pros

A startling number of cryptocurrencies have recently emerged as superheroes of the digital age assertively pushing themselves to the…

Connor Brooke
May 5, 2018
Business Innovation

Blockchain: the Creator of Economies

Blockchain the incorruptible digital ledger technology is the hottest sector of 2018 with innovation projects being developed across the…

Alan Draper
April 18, 2018
Business Innovation

How Cryptocurrencies Create More Equitable Merchant-Buyer Dynamics

As the adage goes, “knowledge is power.” In the internet age, nothing could be closer to the truth, but…

James Spillane
March 7, 2018
Tech & Gadgets

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