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How to “Do the Research” on Black Lives Matter

I recently spoke with my 64-year-old father who was bewildered about where to start, how to get information from…

Jessica Welch
July 21, 2020
Workplace Culture

The NASCAR vs NFL Approach to the BLM Movement: Where Will You Stand?

If there’s one thing that riles up America, it’s sports. Coming in as a close second is change of…

Nicole Kolesnikov
July 21, 2020

A Dive into Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

With America coming together over the Black Lives Matter movement, we’re on the verge of momentous change. And not…

Jessica Welch
July 20, 2020
Workplace Culture

Chris Brown Allegedly Threatens Baylee Curran With a Gun; LAPD Seeking Search Warrant

Singer Chris Brown is in trouble — again. Los Angeles Police arrived at Brown’s home at 3 a.m. PT…

Renee DeCoskey
August 30, 2016

Late Night with Seth Meyers: Meyers Criticizes Responses From Politicians & Media in the Wake of Dallas Shootings

On a recent episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers, Meyers criticized responses from select media outlets and politicians…

Renee DeCoskey
July 12, 2016
Social Buzz

No Indictment For Police Officer Who Shot And Killed Unarmed Jordan Baker

Houston Police officer Juventino Castro was cleared by a Texas grand jury today for the shooting death of unarmed…

Connor Brooke
December 23, 2014
US News

Black Lives Matter Protest Shuts Down Parts Of Mall Of America

photo via Paul Merrill A protest organized by activist group Black Lives Matter Minneapolis drew so many protesters to…

James Spillane
December 20, 2014
US News

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