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Four Oxen and the Lion

During my career I’ve often used animal stories to help illustrate specific points, reinforce behaviors, or to provide colorful rallying cries.…

James Spillane
June 19, 2014

Have No Fear, Triskaidekaphobia is Here

This weekend I had a chance to look ahead in my calendar and noticed I have an event scheduled on Friday June…

Jay Leonard
May 1, 2014

Consumer Buying Behavior: What We Can Learn from Video Games

Want to know how to hook consumers? How to get them thinking that they need your product or service? Understanding…

Connor Brooke
April 30, 2014

Breaking Bad Habits

I recently decided to reduce my sugar intake but, disappointingly, I just ate the bowl of ice cream they offered…

Jay Leonard
April 28, 2014
Health & Wellness

The Five Cognitive Distortions of People Who Get Stuff Done

Ever notice that some people get more things done than others? For years, the most popular explanation came from Steve…

Connor Brooke
April 17, 2014

Can We Cooperate Like Cockroaches?

Late last year, I wrote a blog describing an experiment in which rats demonstrated the selfless behavior typical of empathy. If these vilified…

James Spillane
March 19, 2014

I Smell A Rat: Empathy In Business

In collaboration with author Gary Hamel and the Management Innovation Exchange (The MIX), SAP launched a crowd-source initiative which poses the question: "What is…

Connor Brooke
December 9, 2013

Four Mistakes People Make When Holding Others Accountable

Most employees feel frustrated, concerned or discouraged at some point during their day. And almost none speak up about their…

Alan Draper
June 30, 2013

The 5 Forms of Social Customer Feedback CMOs Need

We’re all familiar with the credo that the customer is king, but it’s certainly hard to learn from the customer…

Jay Leonard
April 16, 2013
Customer Experience

Three Ways Effective Leaders Influence Change

Most leaders have given up on influence. They cope and carp rather than influence and lead. For example, one VP…

Connor Brooke
February 27, 2013

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