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Bitcoin-Holder Morgan Stanley To Chose New CEO This Summer

What Morgan Stanley’s board is planning to name a successor to CEO James Gorman this summer Why He announced…

Stu Clelland
June 29, 2023

Brick-And-Mortar Banks Losing the Battle to Their Digital Counterparts

Financial technologies are rapidly transforming from futuristic imaginings into an inextricable component of everyday life. Back in 2016, such…

Julia Magas
November 30, 2021

AWS Financial Services for Payment Industry

The payment industry is rapidly transforming and growing due to the influx of new methods, acquisitions, mergers and technologies.…

Mahipal Nehra
November 2, 2021

Financial Data Interoperability with ISO 20022

Data interoperability has become an essential part of a world shaped by algorithms, especially in the financial industry. Banks…

Mahipal Nehra
September 12, 2021

Finance Starts Having a Heart: How Fintech Fosters Financial Inclusion and the SDGs

Finance acquires a heart. Fintech companies innovate financial services with empathy and sustainability in mind. Financial inclusion can become…

Dana Kachan
July 5, 2021

The Rise and Rise of Digital Banking: How Fintech is Set to Disrupt Brick and Mortar Banking

Banking has evolved at a rapid pace over the course of the 21st Century so far. The days where…

Dmytro Spilka
April 30, 2021

Developing a Better Customer Experience Through the Contact Center

Today’s customer has different needs and priorities. There is a higher level of customer demands, and businesses need to…

Julien Rio
April 28, 2021
Customer Experience

Why ML in Banking is Crucial — How Can Santander Improve Security and Maintainability?

The waves of the pandemic keep on having a devastating impact on every aspect of life. The battle is…

Rocky Osborn
March 30, 2021

The 6 Customer Experience Rules Banking Leaders Follow, From Which Any Business Can Learn

No matter who you are or what your financial needs are—consumers and businesses alike—you need an institution to help…

Michael Hinshaw
August 18, 2020
Customer Experience

How to Build the Perfect RPA Centre of Excellence in 2020

When we think of automation, we think of deploying bots to make a company’s vision come true, and empower…

Connor Brooke
December 27, 2019

The Cybersecurity of Banking and Finance

I’ve discussed the importance of cybersecurity in healthcare due to the extremely sensitive personal data and the loss of…

Jay Leonard
December 10, 2019

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