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How to Increase Sales on Instagram in 2022

According to the latest trend report from Instagram, over 1 in 4 teenagers and young adults shop directly from…

Kasia Slonawska
December 26, 2021

5 Competencies Every Marketer Must Master to Stand Out

There’s a lot of talk about what it takes to be a great marketer. There’s a long list of…

Stacey Danheiser
February 18, 2021

Why Content Promotion Is So Important for Your Business Website

Only 35% of businesses claim to see appreciable return from their content marketing efforts, according to reports. And all…

Samuel Ebanja
February 10, 2021
Content Marketing

4-Step Guide to Effectively Using Video to Relate with Your Customers Innovatively

Engagement determines the effectiveness of any marketing strategy. Yet, the nature of video excludes interaction and it is a…

Joseph Chukwube
September 5, 2020
Video Marketing

These 17 Surveys Show the Frothy Effects of the Coronavirus on Marketing

Surveys are an imperfect research tool. However, it’s the best tool we have at the moment. This is because…

Frank Strong
May 19, 2020

6 Ways to Support Local Business During COVID-19 and Why It Matters

As the parent of a child, my heart breaks for local businesses who are struggling and simply hanging on…

Chris Biscuiti
April 21, 2020
Small Business

7 Tiny Tests that Unreasonably Upgrade Conversion Rates

“Groping in the dark in this field has probably cost enough money to pay the national debt. That is…

Brett Friedman
March 31, 2020
Digital Marketing

B2C Marketing in 2020: 3 Basic Facts You Can’t Forget

In the realm of B2C marketing, there are so many variables that marketers can often forget what areas they…

Ronita Mohan
February 26, 2020
Digital Marketing

The Winning Marketing Techniques In 2019

2018 was an exciting year for the marketing landscape. Facebook has suffered from a number of scandals, readjusting their…

Jay Leonard
March 5, 2019

Take Your Business’s CX to the Next Level in 2018 With These 6 Trends

In recent years, after the first quarter, I try my hardest to publish the top trends of the current…

James Spillane
April 4, 2018
Consumer Marketing

7 Free Lead Generation Tools for B2C Businesses

Even with today’s booming B2C and eCommerce market, many businesses continue to face challenges in constructing their marketing strategies,…

James Spillane
February 28, 2018
Consumer Marketing

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