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How Video & Animation Can Boost the Effectiveness of Your Email Marketing

Animation has become a popular marketing practice that can help companies connect with their audience and communicate a brand…

Dana Kachan
November 5, 2020

Build Your Email Subscriber List From Scratch With These Amazing Lead Magnets

Digital marketing has become essential for all businesses regardless of industry or size. You need to leverage the digital…

Harikrishna Kundariya
August 11, 2020
Email Marketing

Do Brick-and-Mortar Stores Still Drive Sales? With the Help of Email — Absolutely!

It’s no secret that digital sales are devouring the traditional brick-and-mortar marketplace. In fact, 2019 marked the first year…

James Glover
January 10, 2020
Email Marketing

5 Email Marketing Resolutions for 2020

The holiday season is rolling along and for many email marketers, this can be the busiest time of the…

Connor Brooke
December 16, 2019
Email Marketing

4 Key Audience Segmentation Strategies

Virtually any company that has a product or service can benefit from developing an audience segmentation strategy geared toward…

Connor Brooke
June 6, 2019
Email Marketing

3 Tactics to Lift Your Segmentation Strategy

Each email address in your database represents a customer or subscriber who is just a little bit different from…

Jay Leonard
May 9, 2018
Email Marketing

7 Free Lead Generation Tools for B2C Businesses

Even with today’s booming B2C and eCommerce market, many businesses continue to face challenges in constructing their marketing strategies,…

James Spillane
February 28, 2018
Consumer Marketing

Nurturing ROI with Email Marketing

Analysts estimate that nurtured leads produce, on average, a 20% increase in sales opportunities versus non-nurtured leads. 20%! Why,…

Jay Leonard
October 17, 2016
Email Marketing

One Simple Solution for Converting More Visitors into Customers

Conversion rates are a major KPI for everyone in marketing, CRM or eCommerce. No company in existence has a…

Connor Brooke
September 26, 2016
Marketing Automation

Why to Choose Email Automation for E-commerce?

Marketing automation targets revenue that is not yet obtained but is very close to that point in your customer…

Alan Draper
August 19, 2016

4 Ways to Grow Email List Without Being Annoying

It seems like everyone is obsessed with growing email lists these days. And for a good reason: email is…

James Spillane
April 26, 2016
Email Marketing

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