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Video Marketing Will Be Even More Exciting: Trends 2021

Video marketing is gaining popularity today and becomes one of the most effective brand promotion strategies. Here I provide…

Dana Kachan
January 28, 2021
Video Marketing

Modern Customers Want Brand Communities, No More Advertising

Customers feel the growing need for online socializing, especially when most of us are staying at home during the…

Dana Kachan
January 15, 2021
Digital Marketing

How Hyper-Personalization Deepens Customer Loyalty in a Socially Distant Era

In a socially distant post-COVID era — it’s more important than ever for brands to find new ways to…

Venu Gooty
May 11, 2020
Customer Experience

Email Marketing and Targeted Anchor Strategy Best Practices

Nowadays, the majority of customers find information online. This is where they also make a purchase decision. It is…

Connor Brooke
April 30, 2019
Email Marketing

4 Points to Compile an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

4 Key Questions to Ask for an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy Before you put together a digital marketing strategy…

James Spillane
December 3, 2018
Digital Marketing

How to Influence Your Clients’ Purchasing Decisions

The key to selling something to a potential client is not in persuading him to buy from you. Nowadays,…

James Spillane
July 20, 2018
Consumer Marketing

Context Matters, And That Means Your Industry

It’s likely not news to you that your business context matters. Your vendors and services providers must understand the…

James Spillane
December 21, 2016
BrandViews / Forrester

5 Ways to Promote Your E-commerce Site for a Steady Business

Going by the latest sales figures, e-commerce is on the rise and is growing at a good pace. This…

Alan Draper
June 25, 2016

Multi-Website Management: How to Maximise Internet Revenue and Profitability

Multiple, multi-brand or product-dedicated websites can offer a greater Internet presence than single sites, and it can be argued…

James Spillane
January 29, 2016
Online Marketing

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