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How Is Artificial Intelligence Changing B2B Companies?

The B2B model focuses on selling services and products to other companies. More than one person is often involved in…

Lovepreet Dhaliwal
January 19, 2021
Business Innovation

3 Automation Tech Trends Transforming 2021

So long, 2020; you won’t be missed. But if there was anything positive about this annus horribilis, it might have…

Steven O'Donnell
December 24, 2020
Business Innovation

The History of Industrial Revolutions [Infographic]

As we approach nearly one decade of Industry 4.0, let's reflect on the previous industrial revolutions that led us to…

Brian Wallace
December 15, 2020

Endpoint Management and Security In a Work-from-Home World

Network administrators have long been stretched thin in their attempts to maintain global endpoint security settings, configurations and patching. Now…

Jeff Harrell
December 14, 2020

7 Key Big Data Trends to Watch in 2021

As everyone knows, 2020 didn’t quite turn out to be the year we had all expected. The pandemic threw a…

Swapnil Bhagwat
December 14, 2020
Big Data

4 Challenges for the Financial Industry and the Best Tech Solutions to Fight Them Off

Financial institutions (FIs) are undergoing a radical shift driven by emerging technologies. Many C-Board members look for ways to improve…

Rocky Osborn
November 11, 2020

Automated Recruiting and the Human Factor

"Human Resources isn't a thing we do; it's the thing that runs our business"- Steve Wynn. Imagine recruitment without technology,…

Lovepreet Dhaliwal
October 30, 2020
Human Resources

HR Automation – 12 Ways RPA Can Streamline Your HR and Payroll

Human Resources, ironically, is replete with redundant and repetitive tasks that do not leave time for the department to focus…

Mitul Makadia
October 28, 2020
Human Resources

HR Technology Landscape:2020 and Beyond

There is a lot of digital transformation in the role of HR, and everybody talks about how technology is changing…

Lovepreet Dhaliwal
October 4, 2020
Human Resources

How to Be a Savvy AI Buyer

In the past three or four years, our concept of what’s “possible” for AI has shifted. Innovations we thought to…

Jerry Ting
September 24, 2020
Business Innovation

Finding Help in a Remote World

In early 2020, IT teams were getting crushed by the heavy volume of help desk tickets. It didn’t seem possible…

Jeff Harrell
August 17, 2020
Business Innovation

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