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Favorite Writing Tools of Famous Writers

Did Agatha Christie ever get into a writer’s block? With all those novels she wrote, the only way to…

Connor Brooke
May 15, 2014

Drown in Inventory or Save a Tree: Why Authors Should Publish eBooks

“But when are you going to launch the printed version of the book? I still like leafing through a…

Alan Draper
December 26, 2013

Book FAQ: Is the Book “Predictive Analytics” for Experts?

When you invest the time to read a book, you’re investing a lot more than the $17 to buy…

Connor Brooke
August 8, 2013

Q&A with Viveka von Rosen, aka the “LinkedIn Expert”

Is your business on LinkedIn? Do you have your company page set up to function as effectively as it…

Alan Draper
June 18, 2013

Using Authorship to Build “Street Cred”

Everyone wants street cred these days – wannabe gangsters, frat boys, even your grandma. Establishing a reputation before you…

James Spillane
April 29, 2013
Content Marketing

What an Entrepreneur Can Learn From a Literary Conference: Part II

I’ve blogged before about my ambitions to become a fabulously successful novelist and my annual April trek to Toronto to attend…

Jay Leonard
April 25, 2013

“To Know is to be Ignorant.”— Or, “It’s 2013: Ask Questions”

One of my favorite philosophers, J. Krishnamurti, stated, “To know is to be ignorant. Not to know is the beginning…

James Spillane
January 2, 2013

The Truth Behind IBM’s Plans to Acquire Big Data Company, StoredIQ

If you were a fan of the band, The Police, you certainly remember the haunting song that featured the…

Connor Brooke
December 28, 2012

Do the Next, Right Thing

Like so many of you, I’m currently caught between what the calendar is telling me (Tis the season! Peace on Earth!…

Connor Brooke
December 19, 2012
Travel & Leisure

Right Now all You Need to Be is ‘Directionally Correct’”

It’s the first week of December and I’m guessing in thirty days there will be any number of people who…

Alan Draper
December 4, 2012

Lincoln’s Way With Words

Have you seen Lincoln, Steven Spielberg’s epic movie staring Daniel Day-Lewis? Run don’t walk to your nearest theater. It’s…

Jay Leonard
November 27, 2012

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