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How Important is Digital Transformation for Business Continuity?

Digital transformation integrates computer-based technologies that stimulate a complete assessment of a company’s products, services, processes, and strategies on…

Swapnil Bhagwat
December 7, 2021

The Changing Face of Marketing: How AI is Inventing the Future

Artificial intelligence is changing the way we do marketing, and it’s happening faster than we think. From voice assistants…

Bob Hutchins
July 23, 2021

The Impact of AI on B2B Payments

The revolutionary movement of the digital payments landscape is well underway, with new entrants and technologies in the B2C…

Srushti Shah
April 16, 2021
Business Innovation

Challenges, Importance, and Stunning Use Cases of Machine Learning Mobile Applications

Snapchat filters that make you look picture perfect. Tinder adds love to your life. Tesla car driving itself. Financial…

Anand Mahajan
April 2, 2021
Mobile & Apps

Why Open Source NLP Libraries Have the Edge on Cloud Services

The business value of natural language processing (NLP) is indisputable, and there’s never been a time this technology has…

David Talby
September 30, 2020
Cloud Computing

Top 10 Business Intelligence Trends in 2020

Gone are the days when data was all spread in excel files and traditional databases within the organization’s context.…

Mahipal Nehra
September 12, 2020
Business Intelligence

Can Artificial Intelligence Improve Your Customer Service?

Excelling customer service has never been more important for businesses. Today, businesses are adopting AI-powered digital solutions to improve…

Mitul Makadia
August 19, 2020
Customer Experience

AI vs. Manual – Why We Still Need a Human Touch for Transcription Services

Does this sentence make any sense to you? Before you start blaming a human for this error – it…

Beth Worthy
August 12, 2020
Tech & Gadgets

How AI is Transforming Global Supply Chain Management

With inflation and increased competition, it is vital to reduce the cost of the final product while maintaining quality.…

Dhruv Mehta
July 24, 2020
Product Management

Process Mining as a Precursor to Digital Transformation

Creating a digital transformation roadmap is not a wise idea without assessing the current state of business processes. A…

Tanya Kumari
March 5, 2020
Big Data

What to Expect in 2020: Trends in Entrepreneurship and AI

As the year comes to a close, the year 2020 will reveal new endeavors. Entrepreneurship and artificial intelligence (AI)…

James Spillane
December 12, 2019

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