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The Dangers of Legacy Thinking

Every successful company and organization inevitably must confront a powerful question: Is what got us to where we are…

Alan Draper
July 24, 2019

What Do Emojis and Marriage Have in Common? A Strong Brand Strategy [Podcast]

When it comes to promoting the Norwegian Airlines brand, nothing is off limits. Just ask Stine (pronounced “Steena”) Borke,…

Connor Brooke
March 25, 2016

Entire Aircraft Vanished in This Technologically Advanced Era

On March 24, the Malaysian Prime Minister confirmed that the flight MH370 ended in the southern corner of the…

Jay Leonard
March 28, 2014
World News

Why Only Half of Frequent Flyers are Satisfied with their Carrier’s Rewards Program

Recent research shows that only 54 percent of frequent flyers are satisfied with their carrier’s loyalty program, and I…

Connor Brooke
February 17, 2014
Travel & Leisure

How easyJet Passengers Are Facing A ‘Bonk’ in Their Customer Experience

Firstly, I will explain for those unfamiliar to biking terms that ‘Bonk’ is cycling’s classic term for hitting a…

Connor Brooke
January 15, 2014
Customer Experience

How Airlines Are Using Big Data To Improve In-Flight Experience

When most of us board a plane these days, we know there’s a lot more technology involved than we…

Jay Leonard
December 17, 2013
Big Data

Turning Customer Service ‘Moments of Truth’ Into PR Disasters

In a previous article, I talked about the need for flexibility and humanity in customer service over adherence to…

Jay Leonard
March 13, 2013
Customer Experience

Why Business Process Must Never Replace Humanity in a Contact Centre

On February 27th in New Zealand, a man died in a shark attack on a beach near Auckland. This tragic…

Connor Brooke
March 12, 2013
Customer Experience

What Is Customer Loyalty in the Commercial Airline Industry? Part 2

As in Part 1 – What Is Customer Loyalty in the Commercial Airline Industry I would like to expand on the…

James Spillane
February 9, 2013
Loyalty Marketing

Why Airline Marketers Need To Go Mobile – Fast!

If you think that airline marketers are already ahead of the game with regard to mobile marketing, please turn…

James Spillane
October 13, 2012
Mobile & Apps

Google Flights Has Its Sights On Making Travel Planning Easy

If you go to google.com/flights, you’ll see the beginning phase of what Google hopes to be a Kayak killer.…

Connor Brooke
September 14, 2011
Travel & Leisure

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