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Like Doctors, Service Management Teams Can Resolve Incidents Rather than Just Addressing Underlying Problems

Service departments rely on the tendency to focus on resolving incidents rather than addressing the underlying problems. Many of those…

Jay Leonard
July 19, 2018

Agile Service Management, Scrum, ITIL: Bringing Them All Together

Agile has become increasingly popular and is now a major force in the development world. It originated from the development…

Jay Leonard
June 6, 2018
Business Innovation

Crisis Manager or Opportunity Manager? You Decide.

We all manage something or other, whether it’s other people, an entire organization, sales or even just ourselves. Managing suggests…

Jay Leonard
February 22, 2018

The High Cost of Change in Technology Projects

I have an older brother who, like many an older brother, liked to tease me. I found it to be…

Connor Brooke
January 10, 2018
Tech & Gadgets

Agility Is King in the Age of Disruption

What is it like starting and growing a business in a time of technological disruption, changing social conditions, and shifting…

Connor Brooke
December 18, 2017
Business Innovation

To Accelerate, Slow Down First

It’s a problem that most every organization has to confront sooner or later: How do we get more done in…

Alan Draper
October 16, 2017

How to Apply Agile to Your Marketing and SEO

Historically Agile has been seen as a methodology that, while powerful, was limited to the web development process. Its goal…

Jay Leonard
October 9, 2017

Agility and Anticipation, a Tale of Two Business Strategies 

When the competition launches a new product, how do you react? Chances are, you act quickly and decisively to address…

James Spillane
August 21, 2017
Business Innovation

4 Ways Agility Protects the Status Quo (And 5 Reasons Anticipation is Better)

Organizations that have adopted an anticipatory mindset and culture enjoy a variety of powerful advantages over those that rely on…

Jay Leonard
May 16, 2017
Business Innovation

Anticipatory Accounting and Finance

Investors know the value of being anticipatory. In a world characterized by exponential change, the accounting industry has an opportunity…

James Spillane
November 16, 2016

Let the Engineers Choose Their New Scrum Master — Peer Recruiting

TL;DR Peer Recruiting is the new hiring: In the near future, all creative, technology-based organizations will need to abandon the…

Connor Brooke
September 2, 2016
Product Management

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