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Creating Reality-Based Forecasts in Agile Projects

Agile approaches for estimating and forecasting are better than traditional approaches because they deliver better and more predictable results. Agile…

Anthony Mersino
August 26, 2020

How Do You Motivate Agile Teams to Become High-Performing Teams?

Most people have no idea how to motivate agile teams or create high performing teams. And even if you tell…

Anthony Mersino
August 11, 2020

CAL vs. PAL – Which Agile Leader Training Should You Take?

One thing that is critical for a successful Agile Transformation is training at all levels, especially agile leader training. Unfortunately,…

Anthony Mersino
August 5, 2020

The Messy Middle Ground of Agile Transformation

Many people think of transformation as a linear process. Whether it is a digital or agile transformation, or even a…

Anthony Mersino
July 29, 2020

What is Agile and Why is it Important?

You would have to be living under a rock to not have heard of agile these days. The label is…

Anthony Mersino
July 24, 2020

Agility and Anticipation — A Vital Partnership

While exponential change is always moving, businesses and even whole industries traditionally move slower than they should, often finding themselves…

Daniel Burrus
July 13, 2020

The Circus of Agile Certifications

Previously I wrote about the three most popular entry-level agile certifications and I referenced a great 2016 article from Bob…

Anthony Mersino
July 8, 2020

Most Agile Transformations Will Fail

The sad reality is that though well-intentioned, most agile transformations fail. By fail I mean they are canceled, reversed or…

Anthony Mersino
June 17, 2020

Agile Success Story – Bank of America

Do you think that your organization is too large or too old to succeed with Agile and Scrum? Think again.…

Anthony Mersino
June 10, 2020

How to Successfully Transition from Waterfall to Scrum

One of the most common conversations I’ve had with clients over the last few years is how to move from…

Anthony Mersino
June 3, 2020

Learning to Manage Opportunity in the Unknown

We all manage something in our lives. Whether we manage other people, an entire organization, sales or even just ourselves,…

Daniel Burrus
May 26, 2020
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