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Millennials: How Will Artificial Intelligence Impact Their Future?

As the tail end of the Millennial generation enters the workforce, considers having children, and cements itself in the…

Jay Leonard
March 12, 2018
Tech & Gadgets

Millennial Isn’t a Term for a Generation, It Defines a Mindset

Growing up, I saw a lot of ads on TV and in magazines for products that were compared to…

James Spillane
February 15, 2017

The New Millennial: A Profile of the Emerging Leader

With close to 4 million Baby Boomers retiring each year, the face of business leadership is changing. As more…

Connor Brooke
December 3, 2016

5 Tips For Training Your Millennial Salespeople

The retail sales workforce is evolving beyond what we could have imagined years ago. But, is your sales training…

Connor Brooke
May 29, 2016
Sales Management

4 Ways Millennials Will Reshape Your Concept of the Office

The combined forces of the digital revolution and the millennial generation’s transition into adulthood will bring exciting new changes…

Connor Brooke
February 23, 2016
Sales Management

Narcissists on Social Media — How to Spot and Avoid Them

I saw a great quote the other day: “Facebook and narcissism go together like coffee and biscotti.” By observation,…

Jay Leonard
February 15, 2016
Social Media

7 Changes Millennials Will Make to Corporate America

Up until now, the professional life of an American corporate worker has appeared relatively standard and unchanging, at least…

Connor Brooke
December 16, 2015

5 Key Tips to Managing, Mentoring and Motivating Millennials

Recruiting, retaining and growing young and new talent is more important than ever before, but the majority of businesses…

Jay Leonard
March 3, 2015
Human Resources

10 Things Millennials Need To Live Happily (Infographic)

As the last of the Millennials transition into adulthood, they have firmly cemented their way into every retail market.…

Jay Leonard
September 4, 2014

Starting Your Own Business: 10 Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

Does the thought of working for a behemoth corporation make your stomach churn? Does the idea of being shackled…

Alan Draper
June 3, 2014

3 Facts About Millennials That Should Impact Your Queuing Strategy

How can a generation that has the least amount of money wield so much power in retail? Simple: Millennials…

Connor Brooke
May 27, 2014
Customer Experience

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