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12 Leader-Recommended Marketing Strategies (And Why They’re so Effective)

Every company tends to favor specific marketing strategies that are proven to yield the results they expect and can…

Young Entrepreneur Council
December 30, 2020

5 Advertising Best Practices

Despite the uncertainty in the economy, business must go on and that means bringing in new customers. Because many…

Nicole Krug
October 5, 2020
Digital Marketing

Effective Marketing Strategies: 12 Approaches Worth Knowing

An effective marketing strategy adapted to both your brand features and your target audience can work wonders. What is…

Alan Draper
December 22, 2018

How to Influence Your Clients’ Purchasing Decisions

The key to selling something to a potential client is not in persuading him to buy from you. Nowadays,…

James Spillane
July 20, 2018
Consumer Marketing

How Consumers Choose a Local Business

Yodle Insights is a study of 6,000 online consumers and how and why they choose local businesses. With over…

Connor Brooke
April 23, 2018
Consumer Marketing

Balancing Quality and Quantity: Tips for Budgeting Creative Projects

All creative people want to do their absolute best work all the time. I remember several students in art…

Alan Draper
November 2, 2015

7 Reasons Why You Can’t Ignore Social Media Monitoring

Are you still assessing your online reputation with vanilla metrics like followers, likes, RTs and +1d’s? Well, if you…

Jay Leonard
March 6, 2014
Social Media

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