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Combat Unpredictable Change with Anticipation

It is often assumed that people don’t like change, when in reality humans are born to instinctively love change.…

Connor Brooke
December 24, 2019

The Cybersecurity of Banking and Finance

I’ve discussed the importance of cybersecurity in healthcare due to the extremely sensitive personal data and the loss of…

Jay Leonard
December 10, 2019

7 Secrets to Skyrocket Your Holiday Sales Promotions

It is no understatement to say that holidays is a biggest shopping season of the year. Just in 2019,…

Connor Brooke
December 6, 2019

So Much Data, So Little Time. Until Now.

In a way, the exponential growth of machine-to-machine communications with connected sensors, or what is called the Internet of…

Connor Brooke
November 26, 2019
Cloud Computing

Increase Employee Skills to Decrease Talent Shortages

When it comes to the future of your industry, how secure do you feel, not only in your position,…

Connor Brooke
September 24, 2019

Time Travel Audit: Find Success Now and in the Future

You don’t need a DeLorean for time travel. For example, you can visit remote parts of the Amazon River…

Connor Brooke
August 14, 2019
Business Innovation

Positive Disruption Using Hard Trends and Soft Trends

Strategies based on uncertainty come with high levels of risk, but strategies based on certainty dramatically reduce risk and…

Jay Leonard
August 8, 2019

5 Best Employee Management Software Solutions in 2019

It’s up to HR and small-business owners to effectively manage employees, once that is accomplished, you’ll see a more…

Connor Brooke
July 26, 2019
Human Resources

Apollo 11 Moon Landing – Doing the Impossible

As I travel around the world as a strategic advisor and keynote speaker, I have the privilege of meeting…

Alan Draper
July 25, 2019

Redefine and Reinvent Your Career Before It Leaves You Behind

We are no longer in a period of rapid change. We have now entered an amazing inflection point where…

Jay Leonard
July 17, 2019

15 Interesting Instagram Stats For 2019 [Infographic]

Are you an active Instagram user? Well, if you aren’t, then you should be as this social media platform…

Jay Leonard
July 2, 2019

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