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How to Influence Your Clients’ Purchasing Decisions

The key to selling something to a potential client is not in persuading him to buy from you. Nowadays,…

James Spillane
July 20, 2018
Consumer Marketing

Mining Data to Create Content That Drives Engagement

When we hunt for tips on building great content there’s a mantra often banded around that’s lost in translation,…

Jay Leonard
August 20, 2017
Content Marketing

The Importance of Content Marketing in 2017 and Beyond

You must have heard the phrase content is king. Now, that may well be a marketing buzzword but this…

Jay Leonard
June 14, 2017
Content Marketing

The Benefits of Local Content Marketing

If you’re a B2B service provider, or even a small B2C operator, there’s a good chance that the majority…

Connor Brooke
June 10, 2017
Content Marketing

How to Write More Than 11,000 Words per Day

When I started writing using Dragon Dictation software early in 2012, I was a complete novice and not very…

Nashaat Quadri
May 9, 2017
Content Marketing

How to Ensure Your Website is Ideally Positioned For Your Target Market

5 Key Components Your Website Requires to Attract Your Ideal Client and Get the Sales You Want Is your…

Jay Leonard
February 25, 2017
Web Design

The Top 8 Content Marketing Trends in 2017 (Infographic)

As most digital marketers would put it: “Content marketing is the future of marketing”. True enough, many companies have…

Jay Leonard
January 23, 2017
Content Marketing

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