Solar power is becoming an increasingly popular topic among Australians as the cost of electricity continues to rise and the environment continues to degrade. Because of this, many people are now outfitting their homes with solar panels to generate all or most of their power. Not only is this an excellent way to save money and the environment but also to encourage your friends, family and neighbors to do the same. Here are some of the benefits of solar power that everyone should consider.


The sun is an unending source of energy and is not expected to exhaust itself for several billion years yet. Unlike with man-made power plants, you’ll never have to worry about the sun running out of fuel or breaking down.

Environmentally Kind

When compared to energy sources that require the prolific use of non-renewable fossil fuels, solar power systems have little negative impact on the health of the Earth and her people. Fossil fuels dump greenhouse gases, allergens, endocrine disruptors and carcinogens into the air, but solar power does none of these things.


Solar panels are not machines, so there’s no moving parts to worry about breaking or replacing. They can also produce energy for thousands of hours with little or no repair or maintenance.


Unlike generators or huge power plants, solar panels produce no noise whatsoever. No other alternative energy source can claim to be so quiet.

Saves Money

Over time, solar energy is cheaper than purchasing power from the electric company. After the initial cost of purchasing the panels and equipment and setting it all up, the panels immediately begin to pay for themselves. After a while, you actually begin to make a profit unlike with monthly electricity bills in which you get no return on your investment.


With so many sizes and capacities of solar power systems available, solar energy is something that almost anyone can afford. Systems can range from the tens of thousands of dollars to as little as a couple of hundred.

Good Example

Having solar power sets a good example to the people around you. The more people see others doing it, the more they will want to do it, too. This sort of peer pressure sends the message that it’s cool to preserve the environment.

Off-Grid Living

Town and city living isn’t for everyone, but in Australia’s most remote places, there is no access to the power grid. In these cases, aspiring homesteaders will find solar energy invaluable for a lifestyle that is still comfortable and convenient.

Tax Credits

Many governments around the world, including Australia, are offering tax credits to their citizens who install solar panels on their homes. This helps the country to encourage more efficient and ecologically responsible means of supplying energy while also helping the citizens save money.