The cost of energy for businesses seems to be climbing ever higher, which ultimately results in lower profit margins, but there is a solution out there that, after a small investment, can wipe out energy costs entirely while simultaneously making them more environmentally-friendly. Green energy is something that governments at local, regional and national level are encouraging, relaxing laws on solar power and, in some cases, even offering financial incentives for households and businesses that use it.

Using natural, sustainable resources as diverse as sunlight, wind and water, renewable energy is the way forward to save money and the environment. Solar panels like those installed by Dulas are becoming more popular with savvy businesses, but how do they work and what different types are available? There are two main types of solar panel: Thermal and Photovoltaic, both of which perform different functions.

Thermal panels primarily work by heating up water, which is vital for any home or business that needs hot water in order to function. As for photovoltaic panels, they generate electricity for just about anything in an office or warehouse that needs it, plus any surplus electricity from the panels can be sold to the national grid.

Photovoltaic solar panels use sunlight, even when the sky is cloudy, to help create a direct electric current, which is then harnessed with a device called an inverter that turns it into an alternating current. Then, the power that’s generated is sent to a meter for use, and whatever’s not being used is sent back to the wider power grid. If you run an office that isn’t open 24-7, photovoltaic panels are perfect, although if your premises are large enough, you could also accommodate thermal panels if needed, these can turn the suns energy directly into heat, used to warm water.