Japanese manufacturer of electronic goods, Panasonic has embarked on a large scale campaign to leverage the festive season in India. The brand has roped in Bollywood actor and PETA activist, Dia Mirza to endorse its eco-friendly products with the message ‘Say yes to less. More to Life’. The newly launched TVC is being promoted on Facebook to spread the ‘Less is more’ message and get consumers to take the pledge.

About ‘Say yes to less’

The Panasonic range of Green Innovation products believes in the ‘Power of Less’, where consumers cut down on their power consumption leading to lesser bills and more quality life. A dedicated Facebook app on the Panasonic India Facebook page serves to convince consumers to ‘say yes to less’. The app welcomes you with the TVC on its home page.


The app has four tabs – the first tab ‘Say yes to less’ has bubbles that depict the various benefits of saying yes to less, and gives more details when you click on a bubble. The second tab ‘World of Less’ asks you to share your idea of ‘less is more’, and also displays an animated globe with ideas shared by others.

The third tab ‘Pledge’ asks you to take a pledge saying yes to less and also provides the Facebook share button, wherein you can share the pledge on your Facebook wall. The fourth tab ‘Eco quiz’ serves to build awareness in the categories of water, recycle, energy and global warming. These have short multiple-choice questions designed around the existing problems in the world that can be solved by going green.

‘Say yes to less’ on Social media

In addition to the promotions on Facebook, the eco brand ambassador Dia Mirza has also shared the campaign message on Twitter to her 3.5lk+ followers. These tweets have been retweeted by the Panasonic India Twitter handle too.


When I browsed through the Facebook wall, I saw quite a number of messages being thrown simultaneously, in addition to this campaign. There is a ‘Meet Katrina’ where fans have to share which is their favourite Panasonic home appliance and the reason too. A simple app has been employed for the purpose with fans submitting their response in the comments below the app. Early into the festive season, Panasonic India had rolled out a range of special offers under its campaign ’Celebrations for Life’. And this one was promoted by actor Ranbir Kapoor. The app is exciting with Diwali crackers and lights being animated with sound effects.

So, I’m a little perplexed with the brand’s choice of having more than one ambassador for every campaign; it kind of dilutes brand association for the consumer as well as the brand message. Although, the brand’s efforts in the propagation of the ‘Power of Less’ is commendable with a dedicated app. The app sits well with the message and has been well designed and executed too. However, the multiple campaigns running simultaneously tends to create a confusion.

Panasonic India has crossed the one million mark on Facebook this month and that calls for a unified message to the community. The brand needs to space out campaigns for easier consumption as well as brand recall for the fans. By having popular Bollywood actors endorse multiple messages, the brand cannot hope to build an online community that says ‘yes to less’.

What are your thoughts on the Panasonic India ‘Say yes to less’ campaign? Could they have done it better?