In recent years it seems as though there has been a green revolution of sorts, and just about everyone is expected to jump onto the eco-friendly bandwagon. Even after some years of resisting, many businesses are now also embracing environmentally friendly practices. Companies, especially small startups, have found that the benefits of going green extend beyond the obvious environmental ones and into the realm of finance. Cutting back on waste is one of the best ways for a small business to save money and expand business effectively. Here are some effective ways to make your business more eco-friendly.

Go Digital

A lot of business is conducted digitally these days, so going paperless is not only more eco-friendly, but a more efficient way to run things. Try to email whenever possible, and use other forms of digital communication in favor of traditional paper methods, even faxing. Instead of paper contracts, transfer to PDF format; this will quicken things up and also prevent the documents from being altered, while making use of the electronic signature function.


Consider the amount of time that is wasted by your employees when commuting. You can save a lot of time and money by simply allowing them to telecommute. Even if company policy prevents telecommuting, or you simply want your employees in house, you can save some gas emissions by offering your employees discounted or free bus or train tickets, or even bonuses for walking or cycling to work. A lot of bigger companies have been saving money and the environment simply by holding meetings using videoconference calls.

Green Office Supplies

You will save a lot of both energy and money by having a green overhaul of your office. Gradually replace things such as lighting with more energy efficient options. Furthermore, green computers and other office equipment will also help you to run a more efficient office. Make sure that you get things such as desks that are made out of recycled materials, and when you dispose of old items, especially computer equipment, make sure that you dispose of them in an eco-friendly way, recycling where possible.


Another way in which much energy is wasted is through computers either not being shut down correctly, or left on for long periods at a time. Making sure that electronics are shut down properly, rather than just standby, can save a lot of energy for your business. One company has come up with an “eco button” that can connect to all of the computers in an office and allow you to turn them all to sleep mode instantly with one click, and turn them back on again just as swiftly. If you don’t want to invest in such a product, smart power strips can be just as, if not more, effective. Another good idea is to install smart thermostats in your office, which will allow you to better monitor your energy usage and make sure that you do not waste energy by heating and cooling the office overnight when nobody is there.

A few or all of these small changes is more than enough to transform your business from one of waste to one of efficiency and productivity. Saving the environment might be just what it takes to save your business.